Event - Hidden Dim Sum


Event is more than eating!

The essence of an event is not to indulge, but to create something together followed by experience what you have created around a table!
The above is Hidden Dimsum way of an event. Upon arrival of your family or colleagues, we will first introduce you to dimsum, its story and value. Then we will guide you to make dimsum. Together (mostly you) will be making different dimsum to be enjoyed later around your table.
We believe that the best way to bring people together is to let them create something common. What could be more natural than making part of your own dimsum?
Since you have made the dimsum together and shared it around the table followed by enjoying the dimsum that we serve. Your path has crossed with ours. When you leave us, naturally your colleagues and you together with us share a common experience. That makes,
We are dimsum!
Contact us to hear more about the flexibility that we can offer to put up such an event!

Contact us on kontakt@dimsum.dk for bookings