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Matcha Beef Bao

Soft and tender beef with coriander filling. The fluffy dough contains matcha. 3 pcs.

Taste of 2900

For 2 persons sharing. Contains - 2 pcs har gao - 2 pcs Alium and Sea gaos - 2 pcs spring rolls - 2 pcs beef gaozi - 2 pcs chicken gaozi - 2 pcs pork gaozi - Smashed cucumber - 2 portions of Roasted Duck - 4 pcs desert sesame balls

Drunken Mak IPA

A delicate organic dimsum IPA beer brewed in collaboration with Brøl.

Classic Pork Dumpling

A classical dimsum gao dumplings that is found in the northern part of China. Pork fillings with alium is wrapped in a wheat based dough pastry. The dumplings are steamed and served with a sauce specially made for this ever green classic! 6 pcs.

Fried Sauce Raman Noodles

Tasty is the right word to describe this raman noodle dish. Marinated vegetables and spice have been mixed with hand chopped minced pork, shitake mushrooms, spring onion, pak choi and veggies of the season. The sauce is then applied on noodles, giving this dish a unique taste.

Hai Long Bao

A sea food inspired version of xiao long bao. It consists of a mix of pork and crab meat filling with ginger. 4 pcs

Shanghai Pan Fried Buns

Our new dimsum! The crispy pan fried buns consist of a juicy bun with chopped pork, judas ear mushroom and spring onion as filling. It is very similar to Shanghai buns, but after steaming it was quickly pan fried leaving the juicy filling intact with a crispy shell. 6 pcs.

Boiled Chicken Gaozi

Tasty boiled Northern style gaozi with minced chicken, shitake mushrooms and judas ear mushroom. We followed a different dimsum recipe, so the gaozi has a thicker dough paste to encapsulate the tasty filling upon boiling.10 pcs.

Crispy Glutinous Rice Dumplings

A outer paste of crispy sweet and salty pastry with an inside filling of shopped pork, veggies and shitake mushrooms. 3 pcs.

Char Siu Bao

BBQ pork marinated. 3 pcs

Pork Gaozi

Pork gaozi is combines the juice from the hand chopped pork meat with the veggies from the seasons. It is then pan steam fried and served with our special gaozi sauce. 6 pcs

Har Gao

Celery, shrimps, pork filling wraped in a gluten-free paste. 4 pcs

Classic Bao

A classic bao with juicy pork fillings and shitake mushrooms and judas ear. 3 pcs

Xiao Long Bao

Chopped pork, mushroom and ginger 4 pcs

Pan Fried Chicken Gaozi

Chopped chicken with pak choi fillings 6 pcs

Beef Gaozi

Crispy pan fried gaozi with hand chopped juicy beef, spring onion, parsley and shitake mushrooms. 6 pcs. Note the beef filling can still have a pink color although the gaozi are well-cooked.

Spring Rolls

With filling of shrimp, spring onion, carrots. Served with spicy home made prune sauce with a hint of chili. 3 pcs.

Gao Shrimp and wild garlic

A thin paste of rice dough pastry with chopped shrimp and wild garlic plant. Gluten free. 4 pcs.

Crunchy Toast Bite

Shrimp, water chestnut, sesame. 4 pcs.

Siu Mai

Chopped pork, shrimp and mushroom filling. Garlic soya with a hint of mala chili topping. 6 pcs.

Pan Fried Veggie Gaozi

White cabbage, radish, potato, shitake mushrooms, spring onions. 6 pcs.

Veggie Dumpling Noodles

Rice noodles with veggie dumplings marinated in soya and garlic sauce.

Smashed Cucumber

Fresh cucumber salad marinated with home made rice vinegar and chili


A thin paste with fillings of chopped pork, shrimp, coriander, carrots, water chestnuts. Served with spicy vinegar sauce. 6 pcs.

Braised beef noodle

This classic noodle dish consisting of braised beef marinated in homemade sweet spicy soya sauce served with pak choi.

Wanton Lo Fen

Rice nuddles marinated with soya and garlic sauce. Served with wanton and greens from the season

Roasted Duck

Our signature dish. Crunchy skin with home marinated soya sauce served with rice and veggies

Braised Pork and Rice

A all time classic and yet tasty pork rice dish, where the pork belly has been cooked for long time with Chinese spice and our home blend soya. Finally it was wok together with broccoli and spring onion. Once mixed with rice the dish becomes very tasty!

gluten free

Desert Sesame Balls

Delicate sweet red bean filling in a soft and yet crispy pastry rolled in sesame. Perfect for desert! 6 pcs

Ginger Beer Alcohol Free

An alcohol free fresh beer brewed by the original recipe from 1988.

Lucky Buddha

Asian larger brewed using the natural water from the Thousands Island in China together with hops and rice. Perfect dimsum beer. Alcohol 4.6%

Tsingtao 1903

Fresh and rich Asian larger brewed using the original recipe from 1903. This larger is and will always be the best companion with Asian food regardless of its character. 5% alcohol.

Red Silk Chili

Homemade chili everybody is praising at Hidden Dimsum. The chili has an intense flavor of spice such as sesame oil, black bean, three different variants of chilis freshly chopped and grind. 200 ml